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Living a positive life

I try to live a positive life so when I am around negative people and hear negative stories ...I get frustrated.  I'm working hard to go in the opposite direction see.

I'm going to be honest here and list things that tend to temporarily cause me to spin out of control.
  1. People who walk through a door that I've just opened for myself when the door on their side is available for them to open for themselves.
  2. Negative people [on all subjects].
  3. Parents who don't watch or correct their children in public.
  4. Your dog, your yard, your poop, you keep it.
  5. Cars parked over the line using up two parking spaces.
  6. People smacking gum.
  7. People who eat with their mouths open.
  8. People who park over the line in a parking space.
  9. Children who are not being supervised in public.
  10. People who eat with their mouths open.