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Lifting my spirits

After Christmas there seems to be an ever-so slight dip in my mood ...a sort of lull in my level of motivation as I scramble to pick myself up to get back into the swing of things.  Do you feel the same?

Could be the thought of having to take down and pack away all those Christmas decorations ... not sure.

Anyway, I got myself distracted from putting away Christmas (not hard to do) long enough to get something done just for me ... I cleaned the desk in my office.

I started removing the stuff from the top of my desk, which was covered with papers, books, camera gear, pens, etc.  I knew it needed to be done but was having trouble getting motivated.  I'm starting a new business in 2012 and thought I needed to get prepared.  The best possible way to get started, I thought, was to begin by decluttering my work surface.

I began by removing everything ...everything except computers, phone, and lamps.  Then I gave the desk a good dusting.  WOW ...that alone made me feel better ... all those dust bunnies.  Then I brought in these.

The flowers I received at Christmas.

These flowers made me smile ... and then I thought, I have procrastinated enough!

What a powerful force flowers can be for me.

Long experience has taught me that whereas people
will take advice about love, and about money, and
about nearly all the problems which beset us in life,
they will scarecely ever take advice about their gardens.
Well ... it may not really matter much, so long as
they love them.
from Garden Open Tomorrow
I do hope that you too will find a source of inspiration today ...and I also hope that you will come back and join me for tea soon and cookies soon!

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