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Have you ever rescued a plant before?

This poor, little thing looked nothing like it does today.  To some, that may not be saying too much especially since you can't see the before photo.

So you'll just have to take my word for it is 150% better looking today than four months ago.

The price should have been $1.00  50 cents.  Sadly, there was a companion to this one which looked even worse.  At $8.00 each ...I decided on only the one.  I even tried to talk the lady at the store into selling me both for $8.00.  Basically she said no can do.  The store would simply give the poor, neglected plants back to nursery from where they came.  Most likely, she added, the plants would be put in the trash, but there was nothing she could do.  I still can't this day, believe I paid $8 for this plant, but it is so unusual and the fact that it needed saving spoke to me the most of all.

So, so very sad.

At least I managed to get this little guy back to healthy.

It is such a fragile little thing, but yet so very unusual.

It now graces my kitchen so that I can watch over it every day.

Till later,

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Today I want to share a few photos with you.  They are of my copper container which I have used today to display a bouquet of flowers surprise ...the flowers part that is.

This metal container has many different uses, one of which is for holding a candle.  The sides to this copper container are pierced so that light from the candle shows right thru ...lovely!

The metal container isn't very large and fits perfectly in the middle of a charger as you can see above.  It has two wire handles so the container resembles a shopping bag.

I have a small obsession with copper.  When I bought my current home, the previous owner had remodeled the kitchen and replaced all cabinet handles with copper ones.  Also, there is a copper ceiling fan in the breakfast room and a copper light fixture over the sink.  The granite counter tops and flooring have copper colored accents in them you see, copper goes with this house very well.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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The other evening I brought home this fabulous dessert.

It was called a Raspberry, Chocolate Mousse Tart.
Not sure what the outside rim was made of, but it was the consistency of cheese and had sliced chocolate chips in it.  Very unusual combination.  The tart itself was filled with chocolate mousse.

It was soooo yummy and I felt as if I was celebrating a special event ...right in the middle of the week!

Have a great day today,



An envelope arrived.
Inside was the cutest of cards.
A candle holder frog with 4 of the tinest green candles I have ever seen.

Have a wonderful day!



This is one of my favorite chairs.
It is large, bright and very comfortable.  I love to cuddle up in it to read.
Right across from this chair are the windows that face the lake in my Sun Room.
After moving it into the Sun Room though I've decided to have her reupholstered.
I'm looking forward to giving her a face lift.

Have a fun day!



Some may look at this hand form and the first word that comes to mind is ...looser.
I bought this because I love it for the art form ...the hand.  I display it on my secretary desk and it makes me smile when I look at it.  The ribbon ...yep, to help me think about anything I need to get done.
Have a wonderful day!


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Hello, what an absolutely beautiful day we are having today.
With so many of you sharing your beautiful snow covered roof tops ...thought I'd share the scenry I'm having today with you sun drenched lake.
The wind has picked up making it a great day for the sail boats ...if you dare.

It was a good day to open the windows and air-out the house too.  I love to do that, don't you?

This 'ol house gets stuffy and sometimes the only cure is fresh air.  I don't like covering up odors with sprays unless that's all I can do.  So every chance I get ...I open 'er up wide.

When the sun goes down, the windows and doors have to be closed shut gets a bit nippy this time of year.

Have a wonderful day!

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Anyone that knows me, understands how much pleasure fresh flowers give to me.
I keep a vase of fresh flowers in my Sun Room year round as a special treat.  It causes such a stir of happiness.
Do you have a favorite flower?
For me it has more to do with color than type of flower; however, I do have my favorites none-the-less.
Half the enjoyment of having fresh flowers is being able to photograph them they change.  I go to the market to buy new ones just when the old ones are fading away and try to re-photograph them in their different stages of glory.
I wish you happiness today and always,


Afternoon Tea by the fireplace

Good afternoon!

It is time for tea and I've set my table by the window and fireplace today using one of my favorite tea pots.
I bought this lovely ironstone flower pot a few weeks ago and just had a devil of a time waiting to put it out.  I kept it put away as long as the Christmas decorations were out and then presto-change-o my table by the fireplace got a new do with my new pot.
I'm really rather digging the fresh green color in my living room right now.  It is definitely a color I will be bringing back again in my home.

Today I must go shopping for a new phone ...something I'm not really looking forward to do doing.  It ranks right up there with shopping for under garments ...gotta have them, but don't want to spend all that time shopping for them.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing today.  How about you ...what are your plans for the day?


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