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Begin A New Year

They say that life is a highway
and its mile-stones are the years,
and now and then there's a toll-gate
where you buy your way with tears.

It's a rough road and a steep road,
and it stretches broad and far,
but at last it leads to a golden Town
where golden Houses are.
We are spending what time we can outdoors today ...the weather is just so beautiful.  We started with a walk along the lake shoreline to get geared up for what was to follow ...taking down the Christmas decorations.  We got it all done and put away in storage.  Although I love to have all that festive holiday stuff out ...this year I started decorating early, so we were all pretty much ready to put it away.  Of course I had a hidden agenda ...I get to redecorate.

I set up a table on the courtyard for tea.  It is a warm day so we are having ice tea with lots of lemon.
I'm also introducing my newest Garden Fairy to all of you.  Isn't she beautiful?
May your heart be filled with hope as we begin anew this day
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Highlights of December 2011

Picking up the pace with decorating for Christmas.
Adding our traditional mini-Christmas tree is the very first thing we do every year.
I added a white Christmas tree this year and lots and lots of white feather trees as well throughout the house.

Even though we had no snow ... we still had a white Christmas inside.

And last but not least ... a gift of flowers on Christmas.

May you consider the days of past as a special gift given from above.


Lifting my spirits

After Christmas there seems to be an ever-so slight dip in my mood ...a sort of lull in my level of motivation as I scramble to pick myself up to get back into the swing of things.  Do you feel the same?

Could be the thought of having to take down and pack away all those Christmas decorations ... not sure.

Anyway, I got myself distracted from putting away Christmas (not hard to do) long enough to get something done just for me ... I cleaned the desk in my office.

I started removing the stuff from the top of my desk, which was covered with papers, books, camera gear, pens, etc.  I knew it needed to be done but was having trouble getting motivated.  I'm starting a new business in 2012 and thought I needed to get prepared.  The best possible way to get started, I thought, was to begin by decluttering my work surface.

I began by removing everything ...everything except computers, phone, and lamps.  Then I gave the desk a good dusting.  WOW ...that alone made me feel better ... all those dust bunnies.  Then I brought in these.

The flowers I received at Christmas.

These flowers made me smile ... and then I thought, I have procrastinated enough!

What a powerful force flowers can be for me.

Long experience has taught me that whereas people
will take advice about love, and about money, and
about nearly all the problems which beset us in life,
they will scarecely ever take advice about their gardens.
Well ... it may not really matter much, so long as
they love them.
from Garden Open Tomorrow
I do hope that you too will find a source of inspiration today ...and I also hope that you will come back and join me for tea soon and cookies soon!


New Year's Brunch 2012


Cucumber & Salmon Minies

Layered Salad
Crock Pot Roast
Black-eyed peas
Jalapeno Mexican Corn Bread
Raspberry Tea

Sherbet Cake & Coffee

Find joy in simplicity, self-respect, and indifference
to what lies between virtue and vice.
Love the human race.
Follow the divine.

P.S.  With the table all set up in the Sun Room, all that's left to do now is the shopping, cooking, and baking ...Have a glorious New Year!

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Awe how very peaceful on the balcony

It is so so very peaceful up here on the balcony, the day after Christmas.

Just a light lunch with a great bottle of wine.

Awe very peaceful indeed.
And I had another Fairy siting today ...buzzed past my right ear while sipping my glass of wine it did.

We stand once more at the end of the year
with mixed emotions of hope and fear.

Hope for the peace we  long have sought,
fear that our hopes will come to naught.

Oh, Father, grant once more to men
a simple childlike faith again ...

forgetting color, race, and creed
seeing only the heart's deep need.


Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from me to you!
The priceless gift of life is love,'for with the help of God above
love can change the human race
and make this world a better place.

For love dissolves all hate and fear
and makes our vision bright and clear.

So we can see and rise above
our pettiness on "wings of love."


He can hardly wait

No, it isn't just the kiddos that are anxious to open their presents this Christmas.
I just had to keep saying Christmas is only a few days away have to learn to wait.
And I finally got a smile when I threw in some candy.

Just a little humor I added to a table in my Sun Room today 'cause my grandson is coming over to spend the night.

May you find humor in your heart no matter what you are waiting for this Christmas!
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Special Moments in time

Pictured in the mosaic photo above is the first tree I put up ...every year ...always.  If I decide not to/can't do anymore decorating for Christmas ...this one little tree still goes up.  I guess I would say that it has become a tradition in our family.

It all started a few years ago when I purchased three of these little trees.  I gave one to each of my grandsons when they were just babies.  I wanted them to have their very own Christmas tree.  I also wanted my grandsons to see this very same tree when they were visiting us at know, seeing something familiar.

I remember when the little guys came tugging at my apron one Christmas with wide eyes and smiles announcing to me that I had the same tree that I had given to them.  I told them the reason why and received even bigger smiles in return.

Special moments in time.

I love how the tree looks so at-home with the mercury glass candle stick holders and lamps.
Tis the season to be jolly ...and bright!

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Christmas Fairy Appearance

Sometimes one has to be very, very patient ...and very, very still.

And they will eventually make an appearance.

Remember, I had mentioned here that I had sent out an invitation for a Christmas Fairy.

Well, she finally arrived and she brought a few friends.

Oh I do hope she is staying for the holidays ...humor me plz ...I'm ready for a good laugh.

Anyway's that saying go ...Smile and the world smiles with you?

But about the Christmas Fairy ...anyone that knows anything about them ...knows that the only way to keep track of one is to place them under glass.

For it has been rumored that Christmas Fairies left to their own devices ...are capable of terrorizing  small villages.  Imagine what they can do with a Christmas tree and presents.

May you be blessed this holiday season with laughter and good cheer!

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Christmas Tablescape 2011

This has been a fun year for all of us ...busy, but fun.

I've already started quite a list of things to do around here for next year and the number one thing on that list is to get better organized with my list.  My husband has started to sweat ...and grumble.

Today I would like to share a few photos I took of my dinning room.  I hope you enjoy!

I consider Christmas to be a time of rejoicying ...a time to celebrate and the one time of year that color is spread about our house everywhere you look.
I love sitting down to a meal where a beautiful table has been prepared.  It just makes the meal seem so much more festive ...special.  Do you feel that way?
The centerpiece will stay out thru Christmas.  If this was the only area I had to decorate in my home for the holidays ...I'd be happy.  I pass by this table several times throughout the day so it is always a fun place to decorate for any event.
Of course I'll add a bit more layering (with the dishes) for the actual Christmas dinner meal.  For the photos today though ...I wanted the colors to show as much as possible.

For my tablescape today, I brought out the crystal candlestick holders, white candles, white poinsettias, and added green apples to help spread the color green that I used to decorate with this year.
I had an opportunity to use several of my bottles for the flowers.

As always, keep peace in your heart.
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Joy to the world

We are having a white Christmas at our house this year ...this guy even put on a white shirt for the event.
Imagine my surprise though ...I had invited a Christmas Fairy.

Keep joy in your heart!

UPDATE:  Oh by the way ...the Christmas Fairy did appear here!



A black collared event was held...
here we are on this bright and sunny day in March
and the first one to show up is the
Eurasian Collared Dove.

The feeder had quite a spread consisting of mixed seeds...
and measuring in at 12 1/2 inches,
this Dove can really put away the food.

The Eurasian Collared dove invited his cousin,
the Mourning dove,
but so far he is a no-show.
Guess he won't be attending though
since he doesn't sport a black collar for the event.

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Hello Mister Cardinal

Every Day Is a Reason for Giving---
and Giving Is the Key to Living!

So let us give "ourselves" away
Not just today but every day. . .
And remember a kind and thoughtful deed
Or a hand outstretched in time of need
Is the rarest of gifts, for it is a part
Not of the purse but a loving heart---
And he who gives of himself will find
True joy of heart and peach of mind.

Sunsets and Rainbows

I was able to photograph this awesome sight at sunset one evening this past weekend when a rainbow was developing between the clouds.

What a treat!

God, Grant Us Hope and Faith and Love

Hope for a world grown cynically cold,
Hungry for power and greed for gold.

Faith to believe when within and without
there's a nameless fear in a world of doubt.

Love that is bigger than race or creed,
to cover the world and fulfill each need.

God, grant these gifts of faith, hope, and love---
three things this world has so little of.
For only these gifts from our Father above
can turn man's sins
from hatred to love!

~Helen Steiner Rice


Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Occasionally we are preveledged to hear and see the Red-bellied Woodpecker.
Today was the day.

Let me tell you, he was beautiful.

These gorgeous creatures have black and white striped backs, wings, and tail feathers making them a very striking and easily recognizable bird.

Besides the striking black and white barred wings,
the male Red-bellied Woodpecker also sports a brilliant red head and nape.
The female is fashioned with only a red nape.

The Red-bellied Woodpecker has a small reddish patch on its belly
and prefers woodlands and parks as their choice of habitat.
He graced us all here in the great state of Texas, March 2011.

:: Melanerpes carolinus 9 1/4" ::
National Geographics

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So brief a time we have to stay
along this dear, familiar way.

It seems to me we should be kind
to those whose lives touch yours and mine.

So many faults in life there are
we need not go to seek them far;
but time is short and you and I
might let the little faults go by.

Seek out what is true and fine
in those whose lives touch yours and mine.


I am inspired by

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me here at the lake...

are the incredible sunsets.
One thing you can count on...the end of the day
will always arrive with a sunset.


Each bright new day must always come to an end
and with it much beauty comes along the way.

We are allowed a brief viewing of some unbelieveable sites
as we experience each and every new day.

Take the time to soak in the beauty that presents itself to you
for it is truly a gift from heaven above.
~ Mavrik Lane Studio


Walk with me

So what are you doing...

on this fine new day?


Peter awoke early to find the ground covered in a blanket of freshly fallen snow.  The sun was up and it glistened like jewels on the ground below.  This made him smile for he had planned this day for months and it couldn't have been more beautiful...

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