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Good Morning

Good morning.
Sharing a view of the ducks feeding this morning
and the gorgeous lake backdrop.
A wonderful day and great way to start off the week ...
wouldn't you agree?  How do you start off your day?
I changed things up a bit for myself this morning.
Decided to go out to commune with nature
rather than sit inside the sunroom and check my email today.
It is easy to get into a rut or tell ourselves that we
don't have the time to squeeze in a little 'down-time'.
I think we must create even a few minutes every day
to get away from our jobs and lives be quiet.

Do you agree?

This morning was a nice change of pace...
one that I just might decide to continue.

What's your morning ritual like?
Is it time to change things up a bit?

Some people get up a few minutes early
just to squeeze in moments like this.

I'm so grateful for whatever time I can find to
just be whatever I want to be ...quite, meditate, etc.

I require it ...quite time.
How about you?
Do you require quite time every day...
even if just a few minutes?

I push and push myself until something
is finished and I'm done with it so I sometimes
feel I have to make myself carve out time.
I'm one of those people who likes to start
and finish a project and in one sitting.

I recommend that you take the time
to pamper yourself today...even if for only a few minutes.

You deserve it and you do owe it to yourself.
Take it from someone who has always pushed herself,
it will make a huge impact on your day and your life
to give yourself some 'me time'.
It is a gift (of time) you can give yourself.

Carve out some time (no matter how small)
every day just to do something you enjoy.
People might catch you smiling more often
and wonder what you are up to.


I Gave Her The Privacy She Demanded

During my morning coffee, I glanced out of my sun room window toward my patio.  Something caught my eye was moving at lightening speed (not really...just kidding about the speed), but it was moving faster than I could ever imagine it could.

She was on a mission up from the lake to bury her eggs so that no human will find them.  She was in a hurry too and I grabbed my camera so I wouldn't miss the shot.  What a wonderful opportunity to see her this morning.  She was camera-shy though as turtles usually are that time of morning.  Thus the head pulled back into her shell.  I backed off after the shot to give her the privacy she demanded.


Morning Ritual: Stage One

Sometimes all one really needs is a bit of courage to take that first step; however, it is of utmost importance that when one decides to claim that courage, one holds on to that courage for that courage is yours and yours alone to keep and use . . . whenever and wherever needed :)
~jan hale

Do you start each day out differently or the same way?  In other words, do you have a certain ritual for starting off your (let's say) Monday and a different ritual for the rest of the days of the week?  Do you completely change things up on the weekends or while on vacation ...what do you do?

I like to keep things simple so I don't have to spend much time thinking about what to do, yet I also enjoy changing things up a bit so as not to get bored, too automatic so I lose focus on the big picture ...why am I doing this in the first place.

I like to start my day off slowly ...quietly and alone so the first thing I do is meditate.  Nothing complicated and too serious. 

STAGE ONE:  Morning Ritual
  1. Stretch while still in bed.
  2. Crank up my bed to an incline position (head and feet).  Use pillows if you don't have an electric bed.
  3. Lay in bed for 15 minutes (yep I use a timer) instructing my angels as to any particular needs for the day.
Note:  This morning ritual (more than any other daily ritual) was designed as a gift I give to myself.  I'm not a 'morning person' and need special incentive to get my body moving when I first wake.  Having 15 minutes 'more' in bed is heavenly plus my angels need to be given their assignments for the day or else they'll get into all sorts of trouble ...especially the smallest one.


One Shot Was All I Asked For

It was a typical Monday morning much like any other, and the wet grass beneath my feet felt like a nuisance which was an odd way for me to be feeling knowing how much we needed the rain from the night before.  Nonetheless, walking on this particular cool and damp morning, I felt tired, empty and down ...wondering what exciting and positive thing lay ahead for me today.  Other than my walk, I had no plan for the day which I feel certain was responsible for my 'mood'.  No adventures and nothing exciting to look forward to. 

Boy how my life has changed from that day.

I attempted to shrug-off the blah feeling I was experiencing by walking toward the lake, but my moodiness just wouldn't let up on me.  So I decided to finish up my walk and get home as quick as I could.  The thought of my warm, dry studio and a cup of hot lavender tea made me anxious and hopeful I could still turn this day around.

Then I heard a cracking noise off to my right and looked over to the grassy area under the big oak tree.  There was something there  ...a small rabbit lay on the grass facing away from me.  I thought I must get a picture of this little creature to add to my blog.  Neither of us moved.  Then I slowly reached for my camera and hoping the bunny wouldn't be startled off before I could get the shot.  And as if he understood, the bunny suddenly turned to face me.  What a pose ...what a gift!

About now I wasn't breathing (much), but I remember how excited I felt.  My heart was beating a bit faster as I steadied my hands and thought ...let the bunny be still for just one shot and I'll be happy enough.

It worked and the rest is history!

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Eleven Tiny Ducklings Up From The Lake

Each year I look forward to catching a glimpse of the babies.  This particular crisp and cool morning I was gifted by a sighting first for this year.  The ducklings are so small that at first I thought they were little birds, but then when I saw them all marching in a row behind the adults I instantly knew they were ducklings.  I grabbed my camera and carefully got as close as possible.  Because they are so small though they are a bit harder to see in the grass.

There are eleven in this group and since the ducks share baby sitting duty among their groups, no way of knowing how many (if any) belong to this pair.  There were actually a pair plus an additional drake (male) so Uncle Henry must have decided to tag along since there was such a large group to 'watch' today.

The ducklings are good about staying together and follow the adults without any visible prodding; however, there are always ...always a couple of ducklings that lag behind do'n their own thing.  Those are the little ones I worry most about.

I like the way Mr. Bird, on the left side of the photo, is watching in disbelief ...almost as if wondering what are these tiny squeaking creatures so near to his feeder.


A Gift Of Flowers - A Gift Of Kindness

It's time to add a bit of joy to the spaces that surround us.

I love colorful flowers in my office and these silk beauties sit right on my desk.  They remind me of all things kind and beautiful.

This arrangement ...a gift from my daughter ... reminds of Spring.

Treat yourself or someone you care about with flowers this week and see the beautiful smile they bring.

by Hans Christian Anderson


Happy Easter to All!

Happy Easter to All!
With a chill in the air, today I spent re-thinking my home projects for the Spring.  About to partake of a wonderful dinner, I relinquish my computer for today to eat and watch yet another one our beautiful sunsets on the lake favorite time of the day.

I will return ... do hope you will as well :)


valentine's day

Yep, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  I'm not one of those people who tries to top the holiday every year with something never been done or more exciting, but that's just how it turned out. This year is something new and exciting.

I will tell you this... I'm already there ...before Valentine's Day!  I didn't write about it here before leaving because I anticipated I might hear things like, "oh, sure I remember when I went for there for the first time. . ."  I didn't want to hear about anyone else's experiences -good or bad- that might sway what I picked to do.  Oh sure, I asked about places to stay or not, but that's it.  That might sound crazy not to get some feedback, but everyone has their option based on their own experiences. 

P.S.  Here's a pic of my Valentine's Day table from a few years back here ...enjoy the holiday!


be more proactive

I imagined 2014 would be a great year.  It went pretty smoothly.  I made it through.  I am grateful.

Here I am at that peek of another new year feeling as excited as last.

What can I make better?

Looking back at last year I realize I forgot to remember to have a great year as planned.  About mid 2014 I started realizing my year was unbalanced ...I had become more reactive than proactive.  Heck some days I felt drained and unfilled so the clues were there.

The year 2015 is going to be focused on the word "stretch" as I motivate myself to try more new things.  You can watch my progress here.


Joy & Happiness in 2015

I've been busy this year doing my creative stuff.  I had this thought and just had to get it out of my head.  It was creating something to express my joy and happiness and to learn to "stretch" myself.

"my life has been a series of twists and turns, ups and downs, and exciting experiences  ...I feel joy and happiness!"

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