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yard art in the garden

Well I took a walk through my tiny garden today ...wanted to capture some of the last color out there before it disappears for the year.

Hope you enjoy the yard art from my garden.

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Feathered Nest Friday


he was just hanging around... I took him home

I really didn't plan to spend any money on Halloween decorations this year, but he was just so darn cute!

There he was just hanging around all by himself. . .

he waved and even tried to wink, but without eyeballs...

Anyway, since he was the only skeleton left on the shelf and he was 50% off, I bought him and took him home for my...

front door.

You could tell that he'd been hanging around for awhile...

Sometimes the simpliest of things can make such a big difference.

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Wow Us Wednesday


antique dutch window screen

I love my antique dutch window screen.

I placed it in a window in my Sun Room to help filter the sunlight on the plants there.

The dutch use these screens in their windows ...just as I have here.

I bought this screen while living in Holland and it is one of the many treasures I cherish from that time in my life.

When I look at it reminds me of my time in The Netherlands.  My home there, the friends I made, the traditions ...all wonderful memories.

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Fall 10.15The wonder of all the bright and colorful leaves is so stunning this time of year and to think ...all one has to do is drive or take a walk to admire it ...fabulous!
Fall 02.10
Bring those colors inside for an easy way to decorate for the Fall.

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