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Merry Christmas 2014!

Merry Christmas!


don't forget the bubbles

If you are anything like me, you are already working-in those daily soaks BEFORE the holidays.  Between the cleaning, decorating, shopping and baking it is what I most need to unwind and relax.  It's a pre holiday gift I give myself.  So I'm sending this your way as a reminder not to forget to relax
HINT:  This is a great time of year to buy yourself a new signature perfume and body lotion.  Just think how great you'll feel after soaking and layering your fragrance(s).

I'm buying Jo Malone.  How 'bout you?


hot chocolate pleez
Today I'm sharing a few hot chocolate recipes from bloggers you may know.  Enjoy!


Special = Fresh Fish or not

If you eat out during the holiday season. . .

give some thought to the waitress that serves your table.
  • Perhaps she would like to be spending time with her family rather than be working...
  • Maybe she has no family and wishes she did...
  • She wishes she could afford to take her family out for a meal and can't...
Consider her service and the time of year and tip her a little extra this time of year.  What goes around comes around.


Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider Station

While I certainly have nothing against drinking hot tea year-round, I do look forward to setting up my Hot Chocolate station  every year.
As always, there will be mini marshmallows, cinnamon and gingerbread cookies (from Holland) on the station handy for when the mood strikes anyone to serve themselves.
The Keurig coffee machine will have plenty of hot chocolate and apple cider cups handy.
Yummy :)


The two most beautiful blooms this year

What amazing weather we have had ...I love this time of year!

In my opinion, it is simply the best time of year to walk.

On this one particularly cool morning ...I discovered this amazing and brilliant red flower in my garden.  What a pleasant surprise.  I always forget exactly when it blooms so I'm not usually prepared to look for it.

It was so easy to paint and the color certainly brightened my day.  I hope you enjoy it ...just a rather simple piece.

Anyway, these cool days have definitely been a rewarding break from the hot, steaming summer months.  Don't you agree?

It is quite awkward when friends ask, "what have you been up to?" and I respond with, "I saw this amazingly beautiful red flower today."  [then silence]... 

Be kind to yourself today,


Creativity, Positivity, Imagination
You are welcome to go see what I have been spending all my time working on this year over here.  It has been exciting, fun, time consuming, and oh so gratifying work.
If you do visit, leave me a comment here and let me know what you think.


Walking In The Rain
Do hope all is well!  Wanted to share something from my studio with you today.


She is old ...but built nice and sturdy.  She is our new TV entertainment center.  The one we currently have is metal and looks too contemporary for our home.  She is just right!

She used to be all stained dark and pretty.  Now she is bright with all her finery showing through.

I'll soon introduce her to the world for all to see the before and after shots indeed.


Awesome, breathtaking sunset

A beautiful sunset last night across the lake I did see.
Oh how grateful I am for Thee.

I looked up to see this awesome sunset from my sunroom windows and grabbed my camera.  Wouldn't you agree that it is breathtaking?


The Beautiful Iris On Mavrik Lane

Several weeks ago when I thought Spring would surely never stick, I painted this artwork of one of the irises in my garden.  The vibrant colors tugged at me on that very chilly Spring day.  Today I decided I wanted to share it with all of you on this super fine Friday.  Have a great weekend!


Mother's Day 2014


I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day.
My husband made me a delicious scallop dinner on Saturday
On Sunday he took me to brunch and a visit through the historic district.
I felt so wonderfully pampered after the weekend which ended with a visit from my daughter and grandson plus a phone call from my son.
Ah is good!

P.S.  The beautiful roses are from my husband.


Lanai chairs

Spent the weekend shopping for new furniture for the lanai and was fortunate to find this woven chair two.  Will be picking up the coordinating bench next week.  The furniture is very well made and fits perfectly in the space.  We still need to re-stain the teak bar, but the room is slowly coming together.  Accessories will be the last to be added so right now the space still looks a bit bland because it is void of color ...primarily only neutrals.
Have a great Monday!


The Lanai is truly ready for some Spring love

Now that I have returned from my travels, I am ready to start my Spring cleaning and re-decorating.  Actually, I'm not too anxious to do the cleaning part; however, the layers of dust must be cleaned away to make-ready for the re-decorating part ...the fun part for me.
It is time to bring in some Spring accessories and color.  We are anxious to set up the table and chairs for outdoor dining and entertaining all time favorite thing to do this time of year.
Usually I don't post this way ...before photos with no after shots , but I am a bit behind because I have been traveling and am paddling as fast as I can while the weather is so mild and beautiful.  It will be a few days before the Spring cleaning can get underway since I am also in the midst of clearing out our other house that has been sold.  I look forward to Spring because it means adding a punch of color to this wonderfully inviting outdoor space.  I've already purchased my Spring tablecloth and the color is awesome.  Hope you will come back to see the transformation from Fall/Winter Lanai to Spring/Summer.

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