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She is old ...but built nice and sturdy.  She is our new TV entertainment center.  The one we currently have is metal and looks too contemporary for our home.  She is just right!

She used to be all stained dark and pretty.  Now she is bright with all her finery showing through.

I'll soon introduce her to the world for all to see the before and after shots indeed.


Awesome, breathtaking sunset

A beautiful sunset last night across the lake I did see.
Oh how grateful I am for Thee.

I looked up to see this awesome sunset from my sunroom windows and grabbed my camera.  Wouldn't you agree that it is breathtaking?


The Beautiful Iris On Mavrik Lane

Several weeks ago when I thought Spring would surely never stick, I painted this artwork of one of the irises in my garden.  The vibrant colors tugged at me on that very chilly Spring day.  Today I decided I wanted to share it with all of you on this super fine Friday.  Have a great weekend!


Mother's Day 2014


I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day.
My husband made me a delicious scallop dinner on Saturday
On Sunday he took me to brunch and a visit through the historic district.
I felt so wonderfully pampered after the weekend which ended with a visit from my daughter and grandson plus a phone call from my son.
Ah is good!

P.S.  The beautiful roses are from my husband.

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