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Tea On The Courtyard Table

What an absolutely beautiful day!

After a round of golf ...I came back to relax at the table on the courtyard and have a cup of tea.

I'm sharing from my other blog today ...The BellaCasa Blog.



Love Is In The Air

These are the lovely flowers my husband gave to me for Valentine's Day.


Valentine Table for two

I am officially ready for Valentine's Day now.

We'll start with coffee and save all the little sweet kisses for throughout the day.

And we'll light the little candles for dinner that's what we will do.


Rose-Strewn Paths

...and this wonderful 'ol girl is still blooming
...yep, even in February!




I am so grateful for all that I have and all that I've gained this day.

Living at the lake is truly a dream come true and one that I do not take for granted ...ever.

The ability, that I have been given, to photograph this wonderful place is sheer heaven to me.

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