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Taking a simple break to breathe

Oh how thankful I am for a moment to sit and just breathe.
Do you too long for simplicity after the Christmas holidays?

It is so bitter cold out, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the sprigs of lavendar that I cut today.
The plant is still so beautiful and fragrant ...I wasn't expecting that.

Enjoy your weekend!


A dusting of snow and then...

Snow lake dusting 12-26-12
The wind howled ...darting this way and that all around our villa leaving behind a beautiful dusting of snow.
Then the snow melted and these appeared...
Geese 2012
these beautiful geese.  Didn't see any last year, but this year they are BIG and hungry!
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Christmas Tour 2012

Xmas white feather christmas tree 2012

Christmas is for creating memories...

Xmas white tree starfish 2012
Starting and keeping traditions...

Xmas mantel 2012 tree present
For hugs and gifts from Santa...

Xmas santa foyer table 2012
And no matter where you roam ... a place to call home!

Xmas 1 chandelier light on

Xmas collage 2012

Xmas decor 2
Xmas decor 5

Xmas decor 8

Xmas decor sm collage 1
Xmas tour sm collage

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