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Merry Christmas from my front door to yours this holiday season!


One Horse Open Sleigh

More decorations got put-up over the weekend.
I have a tiny collection of mice that I started in high school so you may be able to image my squeal when I found these little guys.  You can see another one from my collection here.
How's your Christmas decorating going?


Getting Into The Christmas Spirit ...Why Not?

When it comes to decorating for the holidays here at Mavrik Lane, I don't do anything special for Thanksgiving ...never have.  The meal pretty much does all the decorating for our family table.

Although I have cut-back a great deal on decorating for Christmas, I do love to decorate for this holiday and start putting a few choice decorations out before Thanksgiving day. 
I say... to each their own.  Start your own traditions.  Spread the joy when and as much as possible.


A trip down memory lane in Holland

Started doing some extra, deep cleaning around the house to get ready for guests for the holidays and to make room for decorating for Christmas.  I found something I forgot I had.

Brought back lots of great and grateful memories while living in The Netherlands.



Such a pleasure to share the special memories with the ones we love. . .


I Have Returned From Hibernation

Though I seek to create a calm and soothing environment...
sometimes I remain too busy to enjoy my world.
I've been away, but I have returned from my blogging hibernation.
I've been working hard on my new business venture these past months and finally squeezed out some time to blog here at Mavrik Lane again.
I've certainly missed visiting all the bloggers, but I'm catching up on the news now.

Unfortunately, while working on other things blogging computer died and along with it several of my photos were lost.  I certainly look forward to sharing new ones with you soon though.


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