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Good Morning

Good morning.
Sharing a view of the ducks feeding this morning
and the gorgeous lake backdrop.
A wonderful day and great way to start off the week ...
wouldn't you agree?  How do you start off your day?
I changed things up a bit for myself this morning.
Decided to go out to commune with nature
rather than sit inside the sunroom and check my email today.
It is easy to get into a rut or tell ourselves that we
don't have the time to squeeze in a little 'down-time'.
I think we must create even a few minutes every day
to get away from our jobs and lives be quiet.

Do you agree?

This morning was a nice change of pace...
one that I just might decide to continue.

What's your morning ritual like?
Is it time to change things up a bit?

Some people get up a few minutes early
just to squeeze in moments like this.

I'm so grateful for whatever time I can find to
just be whatever I want to be ...quite, meditate, etc.

I require it ...quite time.
How about you?
Do you require quite time every day...
even if just a few minutes?

I push and push myself until something
is finished and I'm done with it so I sometimes
feel I have to make myself carve out time.
I'm one of those people who likes to start
and finish a project and in one sitting.

I recommend that you take the time
to pamper yourself today...even if for only a few minutes.

You deserve it and you do owe it to yourself.
Take it from someone who has always pushed herself,
it will make a huge impact on your day and your life
to give yourself some 'me time'.
It is a gift (of time) you can give yourself.

Carve out some time (no matter how small)
every day just to do something you enjoy.
People might catch you smiling more often
and wonder what you are up to.

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