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valentine's day

Yep, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  I'm not one of those people who tries to top the holiday every year with something never been done or more exciting, but that's just how it turned out. This year is something new and exciting.

I will tell you this... I'm already there ...before Valentine's Day!  I didn't write about it here before leaving because I anticipated I might hear things like, "oh, sure I remember when I went for there for the first time. . ."  I didn't want to hear about anyone else's experiences -good or bad- that might sway what I picked to do.  Oh sure, I asked about places to stay or not, but that's it.  That might sound crazy not to get some feedback, but everyone has their option based on their own experiences. 

P.S.  Here's a pic of my Valentine's Day table from a few years back here ...enjoy the holiday!

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