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One Shot Was All I Asked For

It was a typical Monday morning much like any other, and the wet grass beneath my feet felt like a nuisance which was an odd way for me to be feeling knowing how much we needed the rain from the night before.  Nonetheless, walking on this particular cool and damp morning, I felt tired, empty and down ...wondering what exciting and positive thing lay ahead for me today.  Other than my walk, I had no plan for the day which I feel certain was responsible for my 'mood'.  No adventures and nothing exciting to look forward to. 

Boy how my life has changed from that day.

I attempted to shrug-off the blah feeling I was experiencing by walking toward the lake, but my moodiness just wouldn't let up on me.  So I decided to finish up my walk and get home as quick as I could.  The thought of my warm, dry studio and a cup of hot lavender tea made me anxious and hopeful I could still turn this day around.

Then I heard a cracking noise off to my right and looked over to the grassy area under the big oak tree.  There was something there  ...a small rabbit lay on the grass facing away from me.  I thought I must get a picture of this little creature to add to my blog.  Neither of us moved.  Then I slowly reached for my camera and hoping the bunny wouldn't be startled off before I could get the shot.  And as if he understood, the bunny suddenly turned to face me.  What a pose ...what a gift!

About now I wasn't breathing (much), but I remember how excited I felt.  My heart was beating a bit faster as I steadied my hands and thought ...let the bunny be still for just one shot and I'll be happy enough.

It worked and the rest is history!

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