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lucky day tea service

Tea set white bird 01
Anyone that know me well, knows how much I love my hot tea and white ironstone collections.
Well over the weekend I had this urge to go shopping ...been looking for a silk tree and thought what the heck ...this could be my lucky day.
Tea set white bird 02
 I always walk thru the aisle where all the dishes are displayed first before going through the rest of the store to see what is new.
Tea set white bird 03
To my disappointment ...the shelves were very bare that day.  As I approached the third aisle   ...boom, there she was beautiful new tea service.
Tea set white bird 04
And this isn't just any tea service.  This is the tea service I have been lusting longing for ever since the day I found the pitcher that goes with the collection.
Tea set white bird 04
Research led me to the Victorian Bird collection, but I couldn't find the pieces locally for sale.
Tea set white bird 05
I am now the proud owner of my first complete tea service...I am so very proud.
Passing on purchasing the coffee pot in the collection, I'm hopeful that it will still be at available the next time I'm shopping.  Then I'll have {what I think} is the complete collection {not quite sure since I believe the collection to be retired}.  This collection will one day belong to my daughter and for that, I am very grateful.

~Jan @ BellaCasa
{photos by:  Jan @, Tea Set:  by Coastline Imports, Victorian Bird collection @ Home Goods}

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