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painted paneling

Paneling before 01.2012
After over five years of {nagging} discussions, the dark stained paneling in our home is getting painted this week.  Yep ...painted :)
Paneling 02.2012
One of the things we loved about our home, when we first saw it, is the very thing that we were starting to dislike ...the dark stained paneling {more-so for me than my husband}.
Agreed ...the picture-framed paneling is beautiful, but a bit overwhelming and outdated when you consider that the entire downstairs floor is paneled dark.  We have beautiful dark-stained wall units from Belgium in our Living Room that are lost up again the dark stained paneled walls right now.
Paneling 03.2012
I am sooooo excited that our home is getting a make-over.  I will keep you posted as the transition unfolds.  This is a huge undertaking that will make a huge difference in our home.  After the job of painting the paneled walls is complete, I will have the distinct privilege of re-decorating our home and plan on adding more of the Feng Shui principles I have learned about.
Pinch me ...I must surely be dreaming.
~Jan @ BellaCasa

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Carolyn said...

The panelling will look beautiful painted! You will have so much fun decorating around it.


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